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Laser Engraving Service

Laser Engraving Service

Our new laser is up and running. We can laser engrave just about any image including photos, logos, images and personalised wording for

•         Weddings and events
•         Corporate Gifts
•         Personalised Gifts
•         Signs
•         Just about anything you can think of

Buying a laser engraved product for yourself is a wonderful idea, but it can be argued that giving one as a gift is an even better way to go. Just imagine how nice it would be to receive a wedding gift of a wooden cutting board with details of your wedding day engraved on top.

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Grazing Platters

Grazing Platters Boards

At a recent show we trialled a new product and sold a trailer load in just over a day. They are very popular and whilst we have a huge demand we can usually have a board delivered to your door in less than a week. Our new grazing platters are approximately 300mm wide and come in 5 different lengths – 600mm, 700mm, 800mm , 900mm and 1000mm.

The grazing platters are great for food presentation, food preparation for big families and groups, parties, weddings and protecting your table from hot food and saucepans. Each board is free form in shape with natural edges not rectangular. We are offering a 10% discount until the end of June 2018

Grazing cutting boards.

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Retail Cutting Boards

Fab Slabs Cutting Boards Wholesale & Retail

Options for Branding. All our boards come with a Fab Slabs brand and a Fab Slabs tag. If you have your own brand or you do not want the Fab Slabs brand and tag, please let us know if you do not want the Fab Slabs brand or if you have your own brand. Please do this with each order.

  • Laser Engraving Service - We can engrave your logo onto our cutting boards or personalise each board for Wedding, Birthday and Corporate gifts. We can also engrave your photos on our boards as well. Prices start at around $5.50 per board for laser engraving (plus cost of the board).

    Wholesale cutting boards

    Retail cutting boards.

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Cutting Boards Export

Cutting Boards Export

Our Fab Slabs cutting are renowned worldwide for their wow factor, anti bacterial qualities and quality. We have shipped our boards as far as Dubai, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand and China.

South Korea – You can find our boards under the brand name Pilliga in South Korea. They are the most popular timber cutting board in South Korea selling thousands per week through department stores, home shopping networks and on line.

Partners Wanted – With popularity of our product growing quickly we are looking for partners to launch our product into Europe, USA, Asia, South Korea and China.

Export cutting boards.

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Why you should buy kiln dried timber

· Kiln drying kills borers, air drying does not
· Kiln drying stabilises the timber and prevents it from cracking, twisting, warping, cupping and going mouldy.
· Dry timber = stable timber
· A common misconception - "The tree has been dead for years the slabs must be dry". The truth - logs / trees on the Sunshine Coast will never dry out enough for the timber to be considered dry enough for any furniture making at all. Not even close to being dry.

Wet timber can and probably will
· Go mouldy, crack, twist and warp.

What makes our timber better?

  • We mill all our own timber
  • We kiln dry all our own timber to ensure a dry and stable product
  • We test the moisture content of every slab to ensure stability
  • We have hundreds of slabs to choose from

What makes us better than our competitors?

  • We use only kiln dried, stable timber that we have milled and kiln dried ourselves
  • Work is completed by a qualified cabinet maker to a professional standard. You don't get your finished item until we are 100% happy with the job.
  • We only use quality products and finishes so the product you get will still look great in years to come.
  • We communicate regularly with our clients and let them know the time frame for completing their job
  • We have the right equipment for the job
  • We can do as much or as little as you want. We can sell you a slab, dress it or turn timber slabs into a finished product.

Our Customers

TV & Radio Personalities

  • Agforce

  • Caloundra City Council

  • Deco Bar and Grill - Mooloolaba

  • Pete Luckett Vineyards - Nova Scotia

  • Tribes Restaurant Dubai

  • Ribs and Rumps Dubai

  • Houghtons Winery - Western Australia

  • The Herdsman - Western Australia

  • Freshwater Bar and Grill - Noosa

  • Saisfied customers Australia wide: (Door to door delivery)

  • Cutting Boards Wood Versus Plastic

Timber Species

  • Blue Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Lemon scented Gum
  • Rose gum
  • White Gum
  • Brush Box
  • Silky Oak
  • Tallowwood
  • Turpentine
  • Grey Gum
  • Jarrah - We import this from Western Australia

· What's new
· Why use timber (Camphor Laurel) cutting boards
· Blue Gum kitchen
· Black Butt dining table


P: (07) 5472 8555
Rick: 0408 560 400
Paul: 0415 811 905

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