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Wood Cutting Boards exported from Australia

Our Fab Slabs cutting are renowned worldwide for their wow factor, anti bacterial qualities and quality. We have shipped our boards as far as Dubai, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand and China.

South Korea – You can find our boards under the brand name Pilliga in South Korea. They are the most popular timber cutting board in South Korea selling thousands per week through department stores, home shopping networks and on line. There are a range of small, medium and large boards as well as pizza boards, paddles, and various other designs.

China – with negotiations under way we hope to have our cutting boards in China in the very near future.

Partners Wanted – With popularity of our product growing quickly we are looking for partners to launch our product into Europe, USA, and Asia (excluding South Korea and China). This is a great opportunity for anyone who is motivated.

Good news tends to travel far and fast, and it seems the same can be said for great products. A perfect example of this are the cutting boards made from Camphor Laurel by Fab Slab Timber in Australia. Each one of those wooden cutting boards is like a miniature work of art, with no two pieces looking alike, either in shape or in color. While the business started Down Under, it quickly started to spread, as consumers from far and wide went into the market looking for cutting boards exported from Australia. It now appears as though that growth is going to show no sign of slowing down.

To this point, the Fab Slab wood cutting boards exported from Australia have travelled to, and seen sales success in, locations as far afield as Dubai, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, and New Zealand. No matter where the boards go, they are truly beloved, thanks in large part to their unique design, stylish looks, and stunning durability. The path has now been created for the cutting boards to start selling in China, which is something that we will talk about a little later in this particular piece.

While many consumers are familiar with the Fab Slab name, the same cannot be said in South Korea. In that part of the world, wood cutting boards exported from Australia go under the Pilliga brand name, but they are all still made to the same exacting standards as the cutting boards that you get in any other part of the world. All the timber is locally sourced in Australia, while the finished cutting boards are handcrafted and 100% naturally anti-bacterial. And let’s not forget that they all have a unique shape and colour, which means that you get a piece that can truly be referred to as one of a kind.

Fab Slab have also now introduced a laser engraving service that can put custom text, corporate logos, or even photos directly onto the surface of the wood. This is going to create even more demand for wood cutting boards exported from Australia than ever before, which in turn is going to create great opportunities for suppliers and sellers in other countries, with China being the location that immediately springs to mind. Given how well these cutting boards have sold in other parts of Asia, it’s only a matter of time before sales really take off in China.

That is not the only area where Fab Slab are interested in sending their cutting boards, though, as they are also looking for new partners in the United States and Europe. Given that there is very little in the way of coverage in those regions right now, a motivated partner could vey well be the one to burst the door down and introduce these amazing products to the masses. Potential partners who see just how great this opportunity could be are being asked to contact the good folks at Fab Slabs for more details on a possible partnership.

For details on store locations and phone numbers contact Fab Slabs.
P: (07) 5472 8555
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  • P: (07) 5472 8555
    Rick: 0408 560 400
    Paul: 0415 811 905