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Cutting Boards - Our individually handcrafted timber cutting boards

Grazing cutting boards.- Grazing Platters, Serving Platters and Grazing Plates


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Timber kitchen benchtops - hundreds of kitchen bench tops made from kiln dried hardwood and finished with Norglass marine grade satin polyurethane

Slab Timber Brisbane Fabslabtimbertrade mark is the number one place in Australia to get custom made wood bench tops made of the highest quality kiln dried slab timber

Bathroom Vanities - Bathroom decorating ideas are endless, considering innovative trends in interior decorating

Wooden Furniture - Rick and Paul have been designing and building quality wooden furniture since 1995

Solid timber dining tables are one of our most sought after items year round at Fab Slabs. We make every dining table to suit your needs and the area you want to put it

Slab Timber - Timber Slab - benchtops timber tables furniture

Timber Furniture - Custom Made Timber Furniture

Timber slabs in Melbourne - Timber slabs

Wood Furniture - There are few possessions that are as timeless and elegant as wood furniture

Timber Slabs Perth - There has been a definite rise in the popularity of all things Perth timber in recent years, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. The slab wood that comes from that part of Western Australia is not only beautiful to look at.

Sydney timber slabs for benches, vanities and furniture

Timber Slabs Adelaide That has all changes, though, as modern home designs in Adelaide have brought the kitchen out into the spotlight. The kitchen is now where people hang out at parties, and where home cooks get to showcase their talents to their guests.

Timber Furniture FOR SALE - Nearly everything we manufacture is custom made to meet customers specific requirements in regards to size, shape, colour and or timber type. From time to time we do make stock for display and immediate sale

Cutting Boards - Our individually handcrafted timber cutting boards

Dressing Timber - Timber Dressing and Levelling: Timber Species

Kiln Dried

Photos - Timber slabs 4 bench tops & furniture, slab tables, vanity tops

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