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The Luxury of Timber Slabs

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, then you may want to consider the luxurious look of using fine timber slabs for your benchtops, food preparation areas, stools and even the tables and chairs.

The reason is that you can make your home have a modern look, with a natural and real wood finish that can be high gloss that will make your kitchen shiny and resists fading over time.

This has a great advantage over using veneer wood tops. Since those types of bench tops are only intended to look like wood, they will not last as long. Veneer tops can peel, fade, or just start to look old over time. Instead, if you are considering going for a wooden look in your kitchen, you should use timber slabs. Timber slabs are made from real timber, which means that they will not peel and are resistant to fading. Additionally, the timber slabs can be stained or glossed, which allows you to blend them to the look and feel for your kitchen.

Try to select kiln dried timber slabs instead of air-dried ones. Kiln dried timber is more stable. It also kills any insects, worms, fungus, or bacteria that may be in timber prior to processing. Lastly, kiln dried timber is less likely to warp because it has a lower moisture content than regular timber. If you need a retailer for timber slabs, then do a quick internet search for “timber slabs Melbourne”, “timber bench tops Melbourne”, or “Wooden kitchen benches Melbourne”. At Fab Slabs we freight all over Australia and the World.

Any one of these searches will provide you with websites where you can look at examples of kitchens that use timber slabs. This is great because it will give you an idea of what your kitchen could look like if you use timber instead of veneer or granite slabs for the counters and bench tops. You will be able to see the large variety of colours that you can get the timber in and you will be able to see what a natural look your kitchen will have when you use high quality timber slabs. At Fab Slabs we can supply all colours and these are all the same price; making the choice easy. We supply

  • Blue Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Lemon scented Gum
  • Rose gum
  • White Gum
  • Brush Box
  • Silky Oak
  • Tallowwood
  • Turpentine
  • Grey Gum
  • Jarrah - We import this from Western Australia

  • The websites will also allow you to request a quote and compare prices. Many of the timber suppliers will mill their own timber and can cut them to the exact dimensions that you need. This is great because it allows you to have any sort of configuration that you can want in your kitchen. The timber will also blend nicely with the appliances, walls, and other furniture, which will allow you to keep a modern look and feel in your kitchen. We have a guide on our benchtops and vanities webpages.

Timber bench slabs work great because they are long lasting, durable, and provide both a modern and natural look and feel to your kitchen. They are resistant to peeling, fading, and denting. You will be able to choose from a large variety of wood colors, stains, and glosses that will allow you to blend your kitchen perfectly with the rest of your home. Just take a few moments to search the web and see what your home could look like.

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