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Timber for boards, hand rails, furniture accessories

There has been a definite rise in the popularity of all things Perth timber in recent years, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. The slab wood that comes from that part of Western Australia is not only beautiful to look at, but is also incredibly durable. It is that latter feature that has made it such an excellent choice for all kinds of different uses. You will see the wood used in small household items to large pieces of furniture, and no-one does it better than Fab Slab Timber.

What sets Fab Slab Timber apart from so many of their competitors is the process that they use to create their beautiful timber slabs. All of their creations are kiln dried to ensure a rugged piece of wood that also akin to a piece. It is why the pieces they create have so many different uses, and why they are in demand, not just locally, but all across Australia. That demand is starting to spread, too, as people from all over the world hear about the stunning Western Australia slabs that they create.

One of the most popular items that Fab Slabs make are their cutting boards. Most of the kitchen cutting boards that are available in stores are of a very basic design and shape, with each one looking just like the next. These cutting boards are truly unique, and are almost like miniature versions of the slabs used for table tops. What that should tell you is that they are truly designed to last and are much more than just something aesthetically pleasing to add to your long list of kitchen accessories.

Wooden dining table blue gum

Where the kiln dried wood really starts to shine, though, is when it is used for the larger furniture pieces. You get to see all the colors and the beautiful wood grain that runs throughout. You also know that the kitchen countertop, dinner tables, or kitchen benches that you invest in are truly one of a kind. That is something worth paying a little extra for, whilst also having the peace of mind of knowing that your investment will last you for many, many years. The pieces made by Fab Slabs are built to last, even if you have a large family that looks at a wooden dinner table as something to be abused. Fear not, these stunning creations can put up with all the abuse thrown at them.

Timber bench tops Sunshine Coast

WE are really just scratching the surface of the items that are available from Fab Slabs. You can go small with cutting boards or mirror frames, or you can go big and beautiful with countertops, chairs, and tables. You don’t have to live in this part of Australia to take advantage of all the amazing creations, as they can be shipped to your front door anywhere in the country. If you have been looking at new furniture and want something that makes a truly bold statement, this is definitely the way to go.

Timber Species

  • Blue Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Lemon scented Gum
  • Rose gum
  • White Gum
  • Brush Box
  • Silky Oak
  • Tallowwood
  • Turpentine
  • Grey Gum
  • Jarrah - We import this from Western Australia

Slab Timber

  • slab timber sunshine coast

    Timber bathroom vanitiies

    Blue gum benchtop Sunshine Coast

    Wooden cuttiing board

    Custom made rustic timber furniture

  • Just some of the items we can produce at Fab Slabs
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