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Cutting Boards Export

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Export cutting boards

Cutting Boards for Export

Our Fab Slabs cutting are renowned worldwide for their wow factor, anti bacterial qualities and quality. We have shipped our boards as far as Dubai, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand and China.

South Korea

You can find our boards under the brand name Pilliga in South Korea. They are the most popular timber cutting board in South Korea selling thousands per week through department stores, home shopping networks and on line. There are a range of small, medium and large boards as well as pizza boards, paddles, and various other designs.


With negotiations under way we hope to have our cutting boards in China in the very near future.

Export Partners Wanted

With popularity of our product growing quickly we are looking for partners to launch our product into Europe, USA, and Asia (excluding South Korea and China). This is a great opportunity for anyone who is motivated.

More info on our export cutting boards.

Contact Fab Slabs about export enquiries for cutting boards.