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Fab Slabs Cutting Boards *Wholesale*

  • Wholesale Cutting Boards
Wood Cutting Boards *Wholesale*

Options for Cutting Board Branding

All our boards come with a Fab Slabs brand and a Fab Slabs tag.

If you have your own brand or you do not want the Fab Slabs brand and tag, please let us know. Please do this with each order.

Laser Engraving Service - We can engrave your logo onto our cutting boards or personalise each board for Wedding, Birthday and Corporate gifts. We can also engrave your photos on our boards as well. Prices start at around $5.50 per board for laser engraving (plus cost of the board).

Branding – We can get a quote for you to have a brand made up to put your logo on each board. The brand is then yours for life and each time you order, we can put your brand on each board.

Please Note

Our boards come in a range of shapes and are made to an approximate size. Pizza and paddle boards are made to an exact shape.

All our boards are made from Camphor Laurel. Camphor Laurel comes in a huge range of colours.

More info on our wholesale cutting boards.

Contact for pricing.