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Cutting Boards Food Safety Wood Versus Plastic

Cutting Board EngravedThere are several things to think about when shopping for cutting boards, and it all begins by deciding what they should be made from. There can be no denying that wooden cutting boards, especially those which are uniquely crafted from a single piece of timber, are more aesthetically pleasing, especially the boards personally engraved, but for those on a tight budget, the plastic cutting boards often seem like the more logical choice. The plastic models require less maintenance, but they are not particularly pretty, plus they can do a number on the blade edges of your knives. Plastic cutting boards also need to be regularly replaced, whereas a wooden model can potentially last a lifetime.

Plastic gets nicked

If you have ever owned a plastic cutting board, you have probably seen how quickly they get nicked up, and you have also probably noticed that they start to hold food stains over an extended period of time. Is this a food safety issue? This may explain why plastic boards are stored out of sight, while wooden boards are often prominently displayed in the kitchen. Wooden cutting boards look the part, and if you take the time to clean and maintain them, you may ever only need to purchase one, which suddenly makes their higher price tag seem a little easier to bear.

Wooden cutting board

If you want your wooden cutting board to last, you are going to need to take some time to look after it. The general rule of thumb here is that you should really be cleaning you wooden cutting boards after every use, which for some people will mean a daily cleaning ritual. You don’t need to get overly fancy here, as cleaning the board with hot soapy water is enough to get the job done. We are talking about a rinse clean here, as you should never soak your boards in water, as that can lead to them eventually drying out and cracking.

Cutting board care

If you want to extend the life of your wooden cutting boards even further, then you really need to think about oiling them every once in a while. Your oiling schedule is likely going to depend on how often the board is put into use. Maintaing kitchen and house items is great in terms of when it is time to sell and you are looking for a building inspection. If you use it on a daily basis, then you should probably be applying the oil once a month. There are some folks who do it a couple of times per year, but sticking to a monthly routine would probably be the best bet. Mineral oil, or some other food grade oil, is what you should be using to keep your cutting boards looking great.

Beautiful looking cutting board

For a relatively small investment, you can get a beautiful looking wooden cutting board that will give you countless years of service, whilst also serving as a great display piece in your kitchen or dining room. With a little bit of care and some proper maintenance, you should have a cutting board that will last you a lifetime, which is not something that you can say about those bland-looking plastic models that are on the market.

NOTE: We use only guaranteed kiln dried timber.

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