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As you might expect from someone who makes a living taking nature photographs, an iconic Australian photographer has chosen to decorate her home in a style that celebrates all that is beautiful in nature. In a recent pictorial and story done for the Herald Sun, the photographer showed off her home, which features an open plan, a lot of windows overlooking the beautiful landscape beyond the four walls, and a host of Australian timber furniture pieces that are stunningly elegant, but which also look as though they have just been pulled in from the wooded area outside the property.

It’s obvious that she loves her surroundings, especially since so many elements of the home are created using natural pieces. There are native Australian plants in every room, glorious wooden benches made from a variety of different types of wood, timber tables, and some amazing looking bird photographs that perfectly showcase the wonderful work that Amelia has become known for. There is a definite sense of the outdoors being brought inside, which is a style that is fast becoming very common in family homes all across the country. It’s the ideal way to get in touch with nature, whilst also creating a space that looks great, and which is comfortable to live in.

What they do so well in their family home is to find a way to incorporate nature with modern styling elements, creating spaces that are both modern and old-school in their look. The use of timber benches and other wooden furniture pieces and accessories help the home keep a foot planted in the past, while metallic pieces, such as the legs on a wooden table, bring the old-school look into the modern age. It’s a coupling that works beautifully, and it essentially all comes down to making sure that the right materials are used.

This is a problem that many people face when trying to design their space to fit their own sense of style. It can be tough to find the proper mix of materials that go together to create a perfect space. One material that never goes out of style is wood, and the beauty of it is that it comes in all sorts of different colors and hues, making it a perfect addition to any room. Kitchen benches can be made of rugged wood to withstand the pounding they will take every day, while lighter, softer woods can be used for accessories and other pieces.

If you are looking for something truly unique, and a real talking point in your family home, then you need to look at what Fab Slab Timber delivers. They create all kinds of different furniture pieces, but each one is unique in its own way. You get to choose the style and color of wood that you want, and you then end up with a one of a kind piece made from only native Australian woods. It’s a way to show your love of where you live, and to get in touch with nature a little when you design each individual room in your home.

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