Mossman luthier crafts timber furniture

Mossman Luthier Also Happens to Turn Some of The Best Timber Furniture This Side Of The Continent

Trusted by some of the most accomplished musicians in Australia (as well as some of the most recognised names in music globally), “Tully” – real name Nicholas Raymond Court – has been a luthier by trade now for more than 40 years.

Repairing and refinishing classic guitars from almost all time periods, as well as giving new custom modifications and extra “life” to those that have been produced in the last few decades, Tully has earned his sterling silver reputation based entirely on the back of the work he’s accomplished.
Almost always surrounding by guitars on top of guitars, Tully has a unique ability to instantly diagnose what’s ailing a string instrument – but has the even more impressive superpower of knowing EXACTLY how to remedy the issue and improve the sound at the exact same time!

Working with the kind of professionals like AC/DC, The Angels, The Little River Band, and Mondo Rock (just to name a few) has helped Tully to really establish himself on the global scene. You had better believe that he’s one of a small few that get the call in the middle of the night to help a musician get the sound they need from their guitars, no matter what the cost.
But what a lot of people don’t know about Tully is that he’s also responsible for turning out some of the most impressive timber slab furniture in Australia as well!

Yes, you’re reading that right! One of the world’s most in demand luthiers not only slaves away to craft and repair guitars for superstars but also has an incredible line of his own timber furniture that you can find in high end homes all over the world.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most, as Tully has always been involved in the trades (even before he started working on guitars), but most folks aren’t aware of the prestige he’s been able to earn in the furniture business as well.

As competitive an environment as you’re going to find, it isn’t easy to break into the timber makeover furniture world – but that’s exactly what Tully’s been able to do, and in a big way.
Many of his pieces are as visually interesting as his guitars are audibly, and the same amount of care goes into creating a slab coffee table as does breathing new life into an old and tired guitar.


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