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Kitchen slab timber bench tops Australia

Natural timber vanity top There are two distinct ways to tackle a kitchen makeover. The first is to use the same old design tactics that will deliver a nice kitchen, but make it look like every other home you visit. The other is to follow the current trends in design, so that you get a modern makeover with a look that is built to last. You can’t talk about kitchen trends without talking about natural timber benchtops, and there is one style in particular that is fast becoming all the rage. We are talking about natural timber benchtops with unmilled sides, as these are the kitchen counters that will give you a truly unique look.

When benchtops are created, the rough edges are usually cut off to create a piece of natural timber that is either square or rectangular in shape. This is certainly a perfectly acceptable method of creating a countertop, but even if you have a stunning piece of natural timber being used, the end result is not really something that anyone would consider to be a talking point. That all changes when the edges are left uncut, as what you get then are truly unique shapes that will add a real sense of style and originality to your kitchen.

There is now a huge demand for these “live-edge” timber slabs, and the good news for consumers is that there are now established businesses who can help you get the perfect piece of natural timber for your kitchen countertop. The huge pieces of timber come in all kinds of different types of wood, with Australians claiming that the best pieces are those that are native to the country. While the companies that sell these pieces will cut them to fit the specifications of your kitchen countertop, the edges will remain in place to create an undulating look that is simply quite stunning.

Rather than simply chopping down swathes of trees to create these custom pieces, there are many countertop makers who use trees that have fallen naturally, or which have been damaged by the elements. Another kitchen trend that is big right now is using reconditioned items to create something new and wonderful, and it’s fair to say that using trees which have fallen down to create a spectacular piece can fall into this category. It’s certainly a better option than cutting up the tree to use as firewood.

It is not just homeowners who are getting in on the live-edge natural timber benchtop action, as they are also getting a lot of love in the commercial world. Restaurants are using these great looking tops for tables and bars, and there are even some folks who are having their office desks created using this amazing look. If you are looking to create a piece for your home or business that will become a real talking point with your guests, we suggest that you take a look at natural timber and the wonderful things that can be done with it.

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