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Slab timber benches Canberra and other design treats

Natural timberOne of the great things about Canberra is that it has always been a place where the next great eating adventure was just around the corner. Like many great cities, the eating joints are very often a reflection of the style and culture of the people who live there, and as that changes, so do the cafes and restaurants that reside within the city limits. There seems to be a focus on looks as well as flavours in the current culinary movement, as slab timber benches Canberra, and other design treats await those who go out on the town for a bite to eat.

There is something of a common thread to be found in some of the more popular eating spots in Canberra, and it is that they all seem to be going out of their way to use locally sourced items, not just in the food being made, but also the materials used to create the space. You look at a place like Barrio Collective Coffee as a perfect example, as the interior is all reclaimed timber benches and rendered concrete. It’s a look that seems to sit well with the locals, as this spot has been thriving for a couple of years now.

Mocan & Green Grout is another spot that has a definite eye on sustainability, which is especially important in the highly competitive food industry. Wood off cuts line the walls, creating a beautifully disjointed look that offers something new every time you look at them. The owners of the café have a background in design, and as such have brought a unique look to their spot, with many of the tables, chairs, and benches made in their workshop, which is also where they also just so happen to work on bikes. Interestingly they also feature wooden cutting boards for serving some meals.

While much of the focus of these relatively new spots is on the interior design and ambience of the place, there is also a lot of thought into making sure that everything used is from local vendors. There are few establishments in Canberra more adept at doing that than Temporado, which is Spanish for “season,” as they will change their menu on a daily basis so that they can make use of the produce delivered by local farmers. This is a place where daily dining really is an adventure, because you just never know what is on the menu.

People tend to be very proud of where they come from, and that seems to be particularly true in Canberra. The approach being used in these cafes and restaurants, as well as many others across the city, is also being adopted by the people who live there. Locally sourced materials are becoming a must for those looking to upgrade or update their homes, which is why slab timber benches are becoming a common furniture piece in the homes of Canberra natives.

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