Tallowwood coffee table with chess board inlay

Timber camphor laurel cutting boards | Blue Gum Outdoor Furniture Setting

What’s New? – June 2012

We had a fantastic Maleny Wood Show with lots of furniture sold and orders taken not to mention hundreds of our world famous camphor laurel cutting boards.

We do have some show display stock that we can now sell at a reduced price. All show stock will be lightly sanded and given another coat of marine grade polyurethane before it goes out. We also have free delivery on the Sunshine Coast for items over $1000 and very reasonable delivery rates throughout Australia.

We have 6 items on our ready for sale page.

Just email me for more pictures of the item /s you are interested in


Massive camphor laurel banquet table – seats 14 people        Was $4400 now $3300

Blue gum bar with mini orb front                                           Was $1100 now $950

Camphor Laurel Queen sized bed – very popular                  Was $1250 now $1100

Tallowwood coffee table with chess board inlay                   Was $695 now $660

Camphor Laurel Bar with sooild timber front                        Was $1100 now $950

Camphor Laurel Outdoor Setting                                           Was $2499 now $2399

Blue Gum Outdoor Setting                                                    Was $2499 now $2399

Modern camphor Laurel coffee table                                     Was $495 now $450

Solid blue gum coffee table                                                    Was $495 now $450

Massive 1 metre square blue gum coffee table        Super Special Half Price $440

All items are made with kiln dried timber and coated with 3 generous coats or marine grade satin polyuretehne.