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Bathroom vanity and kitchen slab timber bench tops Australia

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It wasn’t so very long ago that the bathrooms and the kitchens in Australia were considered somewhat style free when thinking about interior design. These are both rooms that are meant to be functional rather than stylish, which was why basic white was what was commonly used in both. Sure, there would be the occasional little splash of color, or perhaps some upgraded faucet work to add a little touch of luxury, but for the most part, these rooms were considered to be an afterthought in the design process. Times are changing, though, and even the humble bathroom is now getting the style treatment.

The bathroom in Australia has now become a place where people go to relax, whether that be enjoying a long, hot shower or perhaps soaking in the tub, candles lit and bubbles flowing, after a long day at the office. With that added time in the bathroom space, the need for a little luxury is now greater than ever, but it’s more than just that, though, as people are starting to decide that they want to make a real statement, with everything from the bathtub to the vanity top getting the star makeover treatment.

Gone are the days when everything need to be stark and white, as this is definitely not a look that fits in the modern bathroom. Gone too are the touches of chrome that were often used to show that you had an eye for luxury. Brass in now commonly being used in place of chrome, and splashes of colour are starting to make their way into the bathroom, with wild tile patterns now used in favor of muted tones and cold hues. Warmth is the key to comfort, and you can’t really get that feeling with an all-white look.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in bathroom design is the addition of materials that you might not normally expect to find in that space. We all believe that wood and water don’t really mix, but tell that to the people who are now using timber slabs for vanity tops and counters in their bathroom. The way to go here is to use a locally sourced piece of timber that is a truly one of a kind piece, as it’s tougher to create a bigger talking point in a space than that. These timber slabs started showing up in kitchens and as furniture, so no real surprise that they would now start to appear in other rooms in the house.

If it’s a statement that you are looking to make with your next bathroom redesign, then it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Everything that you though you knew about bathroom styles has changed, which means moving with the times and going with a look that evokes luxury and modern design. The internet is filled with great ideas about what you can do to shake things up, which may well include investing in a stunning piece of timber for your bathroom counters.

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