Queensland Home Garden Expo: timber slab kitchen kiln dried

What’s New  August  2008

The Queensland Home Garden Expo was a huge success. Our timber slab kitchen photo display generated a lot of interest for dozens of home builders and renovators. We also displayed our range of kiln dried timber slabs and promoted our famous breadboards.

Our furniture display consisted of

  1. a stylish timber slab grey gum queen sized bed
  2. a very modern, straight lined, solid timber slab, eight seat dining table
  3. a unique eight seat blue gum burl dining table
  4. a rose gum, white gum and blue gum bar all mad from solid, kiln dried timber slabs
  5. a range of rustic and modern coffee tables all made from kiln dried timber slabs
  6. garden benches, mirrors and kids settings just to name a few.

All our furniture was finished with a minimum of 3 coats of Norglass, marine grade, UV rated, heat resistant poly.

What have we done this Month?  

We said that last month was our busiest ever but I think this month will be even busier. We are awaiting the next kiln to finish drying in the next week or so that we can attack the 12 kitchen bench tops that we have on order. We have another kiln due out towards the end of August so hopefully that will keep us in supply for a while. Did you know that to dry the timber in the kiln takes between 3 and 4 months?

This kiln is loaded with some BIG blue gum slabs with plenty of character but very clean. It is always a big day hand unloading 7 cubic metres of timber slabs in one morning, then loading another 7 cubic metres of timber slabs back into the kiln for the next run.

The Next Month

We are working towards expanding our breadboards and promoting them interstate. We have a number of interested parties in other states who feel our breadboards are a quality product and want to promote them Why wouldn’t they be – they are kiln dried, individually hand crafted, they look great and are 100% Australian made and owned.

For kiln dried timber slabs, quality custom made kitchen bench tops, vanities and furniture give is a call or send us an email.

YES –we are busy and we do have a wait, BUT ...by milling, drying and manufacturing all of our timber slabs, furniture and bench tops we can guarantee dry timber slabs and a quality end product.