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What’s New? – March 2014

Its been a busy year already finalising a large shipment of solid timber furniture and camphor laurel cutting boards which was sent to the USA for sale in a number of home wares stores.

All up, 25 cubic metres of individually handcrafted coffee tables, camphor laurel cutting boards, bench seats, bar stools and dart board frames left the Fab Slabs warehouse late January bound for the US.

The items were all made from kiln dried blue gum, spotted gum, lemon scented gum, camphor laurel and grey gum and coated with a marine grade satin poly (except for the cutting boards of course).

Each item had to be individually wrapped, labeled, tagged and priced before being collected. It took a team of 6 people more than 12 hours to do all this and more than 2 months to make all the items.

Our latest projects

•   A 10 seater blue gum dining table, a blue gum bar table with 6 stools with backs, a moveable island bench with kiln dried blue gum top, a lemon scented gum coffe table bar for a Twin Waters resort and dozens of kitchen bench tops slabs have kept us busy in February

•   To keep up with all our orders we have decided to install a new, 60 cubic metre kiln for drying timber. This will allow us to have a bigger selection of kiln dried slabs and help us to keep up with the cutting board sales. We hope to have the kiln up and running by June. Kiln drying kills borers, air drying does not.

Welcome to our new cutting board stockists

Cornetts IGA Bundaberg North
Cornetts IGA Bundaberg
Cornetts IGA Roma
Cornetts IGA Innisfail
Cornetts IGA Garbutt
Cornetts IGA Mount Louisa
Cornetts IGA Mareeba
Cornetts IGA St George
Cornetts IGA Bamford
Cornetts IGA Gordonvale
Hopper IGA Buderim
Hopper IGA Cleveland
Hopper IGA Greenslopes
Drakes IGA Calliope
Drakes IGA Rosewood

Dates to Remember

2-4 May Better Homes and Gardens LIVE –Melbourne Showgrounds
3-4 May Maleny Wood Expo – Maleny Showgrounds
11-13 July Queensland Garden Expo – Nambour Showgrounds

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