Clear some display slab timber stock

Solid slab timber blackbutt dining or showroom table

What’s New November 2010

The shed renovation sale

We need a bigger shed! To meet the growing demands and continue to provide a quality product we are planning to upgrade our shed by creating some space for new machinery and create a showroom to display a range of our products. To do that, we need to clear some display slab timber stock and we can offer it at some great prices.

We have

  1. A solid timber blackbutt dining or showroom table 3200mm x 1100mm - normally $4400 – will sell for $1999
  2. A camphor laurel outdoor or dining table (4-6 seater) – normally $1100 – will sell for $550
  3. A rustic blue gum chess board coffee table – normally $660 – will sell for $550
  4. A modern black butt stylish coffee table – normally $660 – will sell for $440
  5. A queen sized modern bed (someone bought the bed head but we can make another) – Normally $1599 – will sell for $999
  6. Bar Stools -$150 each


If it is not on the list give us a call or send us an email, there may be more.

All prices include GST.

All products are made from kiln dried timber (hardwood in most cases) and finished with 3 or more generous coats of marine grade, UV rated, heat resistant satin poly.

Cutting Boards

The camphor laurel cutting boards are continuing to be extremely popular. As of November our boards will be available in Angelsea Victoria at McGains Nursery and Food Store.

We are currently dealing with interested parties in Victoria so keep an eye out in the new year for our 100% Australian, Environmentally friendly, hygienic camphor laurel cutting boards.