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Finding top notch wood chopping boards in Australia can be especially difficult for individuals looking to be environmentally friendly AND cost effective at the same time. The wooden cutting boards and chopping blocks found on famous internet shopping and auction sites can often either be of dubious quality or made of questionable materials such as engineered wood or harmful plastics. Plus, getting things shipped to Australia can be a huge pain if that person is looking to cut shipping costs.

Wood cutting boards found in stores generally tend to be carbon copies of one another, and even then quality is not guaranteed. It can also be incredibly difficult to find a knowledgeable store employee who can help with finding the right wood cutting boards for a home. These issues don’t even address the overall issue of Australian deforestation: who wants an everyday kitchen cutting board at the expense of the country’s natural beauty?
The wood cutting boards that we stock are environmentally efficient, economically sound, and hygienic for all food types. Additionally, they are not made of native Australian trees; these authentic wooden chopping boards are made of Camphor Laurel, which is not an Australian native.

Environmental benefits: 

Since Fab Slabs only uses Camphor Laurel, which means that Australian trees don’t get sacrificed for the latest meal. This also means that those same producers don’t have to replace Australian trees, since none are used in the process. Overall, this means protecting the Australian environment while encouraging the growth of native plants within the borders.

Economic benefits:

These wood cutting boards are produced by skilled Australian tradesmen with the best imported wood around. They’re built to last. Unlike many plastic or cheaper wood-based chopping boards, Fab Slabs are made with quality in mind. This quality is meant to last for more than just a meal or two. In the end, this saves individuals the time and money involved in seeking a new cutting board.

Hygiene benefits:

Fab Slabs, being made from Camphor Laurel, are naturally and permanently anti-bacterial. This means that it’s easier to clean up between food types. In other words, the naturally anti-bacterial properties of Camphor Laurel makes it easier to clean up after cutting raw meat in order to avoid passing harmful pathogens on into other food. It also means that it’s easier to clean up after each session in order to avoid different tastes spilling over into different foods.
In all, Fab Slabs are high quality wood cutting boards that are built to last.

On top of that, they are environmentally efficient. Their environmentally friendly method of production (using Camphor Laurel trees instead of native trees) also makes them anti-bacterial and naturally easier to clean. Everything for these high quality cutting boards is produced and sourced within Australia, with even the company overall being owned by Australians. Fab Slabs make sense all around for those looking for a new, visually appealing wooden slab for slicing and dicing their food on.

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